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Dear friend

Finally!  I can share this with you...

I have been sitting on this secret for over a month and I have been dying to tell you.

Leave Whatever You're doing and focus on what I'm about to say,

Because this is where You get to know if You'll be 100K, 200k or even 700k richer In 30 days time or not.

I am a Digital Marketer and I have been Marketing on Whatsapp for the past 5 months...(oh! No that's not the secret)

It took me 5 solid months to start earning as much as ₦700,000 monthly using Whatsapp.

I used to struggle and hassle just to make one sale in one day

But ...

I Didn't Start Making as Much as ₦400,000 - ₦700,000 Monthly Until I Discovered What I'm willing to Share With You Today.

In a minute,

You'll be able to make the decision to make as much sales as you want on Whatsapp.

What I'm about to release to you is very Powerful 

It took me these 5 months of studying and practicing to get this right.

So You must carefully read each and every line on this page.

I'll tell you all about my templates I've used to get clients and people to barge into my DM for my products and services on whatsapp like looters barging into a shopping mall.

How does 5-7 sales in a day sound to you?

And if you are a freelancer, you'll also be able to get those clients that will pay you for what you are worth...

Because you'll no longer be begging them to hire you or buy your products(tufiakwa..)

You'll be able to get...

Your Dream Buyers and Your Quality Clients Disturbing You for Your price.

Even if you're starting from the scratch with no single experience in selling like I was 5 months ago.

Let me introduce myself.

My name is Solomon Chianu.

I help small business owners skip through the hassle and frustration of starting out and begin to make sales and make profits doing whatever they do.

Solomon is the best at what he does; 

copywriting, digital marketing, just name it.

I call him my "Online Boss".

Although he's my brother, I don't joke with his tips and advice.

As a Network Marketer, I have made my first ₦125,000 in my business just by learning from him.

For any training or mentorship or class,  he's the number 1 guy for that.

Investing your money in any of his classes or trainings will never be a waste, I'm a witness to that!

Sarah Chianu - Oriflame Network Marketer

How would you feel:

Few minutes to bed time,

You apply some few strategies from a template I'll give you... 

You follow my road map and apply some of the strategies on your status update...

or even send it as a broadcast to your prospects and clients...


You go to bed and...

Wake Up to DMs from Your Dream Buyers and Quality Clients Asking You Questions Like:

  • Please how much do you charge?

  • How much is this your product? I want to get it.

  • Can you give me a little time to gather money for this product please?

  • I really want us to work together, how can I make that work?

Now you can call your price without begging anyone,

You're suddenly in that position where you can decide how much sales you want to make and how much clients you want to work with.

You don't have to just post your product with the prices on your Whatsapp status...

And miraculously pray that someone would pity you and hire you or buy your product.

You don't have to send broadcast messages to your contact list...

 And be praying that someone would reply with an order.

All because you know something that most Whatsapp Marketers don't know.

Here is the kind of messages I get everyday from Whatsapp Marketers I've shared these strategies with. . . .

What if You had a simple dummy Whatsapp strategy template for getting prospects who buy your products and turn to customers ?

For getting clients who pay you well?

For Making at least ₦200,000 per month.

You would not waste your time begging people on your Whatsapp contact list to patronize you because they think they are doing you a favour, would you?

Today I'm going to show you how to make...

Between ₦100,000 - ₦200,000 Monthly Selling Whatever it is you Sell on Whatsapp to Your Dream Buyers and Clients.

Whatsapp is the home of many of your dream buyers and clients, and status updates are already their TV

Only few people know the right way to use compelling words to craft messages and STILL these few don't even know the algorithm and psychology behind dragging in these sales on whatsapp...

...And making at least ₦100,000 in one month.

While there are Whatsapp marketers who continuously struggle to make at least 1 sale a day...

There's the 1% who are in their own class and rake in sales wickedly without ceasing. . .

Not because they are the best or because they sell the best products,

But because they know how to influence their dream buyers in short simple steps.

99% of Marketers & Copywriters Never bother to Master whatsapp Marketing, But the 1% Who do Are Making a Fortune, while the rest continue to wail and worry about the Competition

Take Salome.

she had almost zero knowledge when she started whatsapp marketing back August, this year, yet...

She Now Easily Converts Cold Prospects to Paying Clients Without Any Stress Using This Dummy Whatsapp Strategy You're About to Learn

Back in September,

She held 2 classes in the hair revamping and coloring niche(a very lucrative niche many Whatsapp Marketers are overlooking)

And she charged ₦6,000 per head.

And Here is what she has to say:

"I'm very glad that I took the opportunity to pay for this class.

I've paid so much for many other Mentorships, Oxide was the best coach ever. I got extreme value compared to the price. He has helped me scale my business with specific guidelines on content Marketing, lead generation on WhatsApp.

It's the best thing that happened to me this year and if you don't want to miss this…

Solomon is the man for this stuff."

Or take Tunmise N.

One  of my favourite students I taught september not even knowing how to make a dime on Whatsapp.

Once she learnt this strategy she started using this dummy Whatsapp strategy to sell her ebooks and other products on whatsapp.

She started making sales in 3 days with less stress.

she also single-handedly converted over 5 prospects to join my training.

Now note:

Salome, Tunmise(and all of my other students) started from scratch with Zero Experience, yet...

Here they are...

Making more money than they thought possible.

And you too can do the same.

Using a simple dummy Whatsapp strategy that let's you attract a steady flow of dream buyers and clients that would buy whatever you sell readily on Whatsapp.

  • Without needing years of experience.

  • Without begging anyone.

  • Without sounding needy and desperate

  • Without doing anything that puts you at the mercy of anyone.

If you'd like to become a high-earning Whatsapp Marketer

I'd like to guide you hand-in-hand and show you how this works.

For this part, 

Leave Everything You're doing Now and Focus

My Dummy Whatsapp Marketing Guide for Making ₦200,000-₦800,000 per month selling on Whatsapp

You can decide to get giddy because of the name if you like.

Doesn't matter.

Name is irrelevant.(Dummy means nothing. . .don't think it too much)

It's more about what you'll get from this guide(which i will show you shortly),

Yes, it's true that Whatsapp Marketing is as lucrative as never before...

Adewuyi Tamilore, founder of Poshi wears says;

"We have over 25million active Nigerians on Whatsapp and the average Nigerian opens their whatsapp at least 8 times a day. . . To be honest, I open my own like 1000 times a day.

"Whatsapp has become a part and parcel of us in this part of the world and we can't help coming to this app for activities

"The engagement level on this app is the main reason why this medium cannot be overlooked for advertising whatsoever

"I have seen a lot of people talk about Facebook ads, instagram ads and the likes but the truth is that nothing beats advertising on whatsapp at the moment "

And here's what Prince of Copywriting and chief value officer Emmanuel Akpe, founder of Bachelor of Copywriting says:

"Whatsapp for me is the most powerful app. . . If you have Whatsapp, you have all it takes to be wealthy"

While Marketing on whatsapp; You have to sell to a receptive audience that are...

Ready to Buy from You All the Time and would keep Coming Back to YOU for More ...and Reffering You to their Business Contacts

That's why,

In my Dummy Whatsapp Guide you would get:

My Exponential Whatsapp Boom  (Text and audio course):

You'll find powerful 11 Modules where You'll Learn...

  • How to build your number base easily and have over 3 figure views daily using the Exact same STRATEGIES I used to build my status views to 700 in 2 months.(practically used and is still being used by me till this fateful moment)

  • 3-4 status strike templates that any newbie whatsapp marketer can use to smash over ₦100k by compelling people to pay you for whatever you sell on your status update in just few days.

  • My Mind reader 911 chat steps that would show you how to contol any conversation to end the way you want (with this one, you will get into the heads of your customers and make them give you their money without stress.). . .

You'll  no longer have to hear objections like:

I'll get back to you 

Let me ask my partner about it

I'll think about it and get back to you...

And all those other phrases that these humans tell you. . . because,

You will discover how to control the conversations with your propects, and make them keep shut and buy whatever you're selling.

I'm very selective about giving out this one in particular. . .It's so powerful, that it's dangerous in the hands of the wrong people.

  • My Own Whatsapp HandBook for crafting killer ads that boost your sales and attract new customers (These never fail me, You can use them over and over again)

  • My personal Tripwire the customer template that would literally trip any customer you get into being an advertiser. . .(Use this and you would never have to convince anyone to buy from you again)

  • My Pro whatsapp training template that would guide you step by step in holding any whatsapp class you want to organize and turning  at least 45% of the participants to your loyal fans and clients.

And more...

You'll be led hand-in-hand through...

The Exact blueprint for getting credit alerts everyday on WhatsApp alone even  without Marketing your own product.

...Monetize your audience and make passively 100k+ in few days

You'll also learn :

  • 7 profitable Products that can fetch you plenty(Trust me... You never thought of these)

  • The step by step nurturing stages to churn out ₦50,000 to ₦100,000 from  your chilled audience in few days.

It's proven step by step guides on how to tailor your messages before selling to any cold audience gotten from any part of the world(Artantica inclusive)

You'll see how each of these techniques work so you can model it to work for you too.

You'll also discover:

  • What every Whatsapp Marketer ought to know about Whatsapp Marketing.

  • 4 simple ways to create simple amazing landing pages to sell your products without spending a dime. (Worth= ₦50,000)... And you never have to worry about complaints from people about your whatsapp status getting too long or looking too saleszy. 

  • A comprehensive Whatsapp status content calendar for a month, you can put to work with immediately you finish the Dummy whatsapp programme so you never get mental fatigued thinking of what to post.

And much, much more...

But that's not all.

There's something else you'll discover in The Dummy Whatsapp Guide. . . .

The Whatsapp Marketer's Minimalist Graphic Design Program and SmartPhone Videography!

In this part of the Dummy Whatsapp Guide:

You'll be taught by my friend Ugochukwu.

One of the best canva designers i know who is very devilish in minimalist design.

You'll learn his secrets of glueing your brand and any of your ads to the minds of your prospects.

You'll learn step by step how to use Canva to reduce the cost of your spending and save at least ₦15,000 that you spend on Graphic designers monthly

That's You passively saving over ₦180,000 at the end of the year.

There's something else I want you to get in this exclusive guide.

Bonus Material #1 My short report on How I Made my First ₦200,000 Pure Profits Selling on Whatsapp in 1 week.

This contains an audio detailing all the steps I took to make my first ₦200,000 pure profits using simple strategies that anybody with a brain and a smart phone can learn...

I reveal the 5 steps to profit strategy I used and you can implement this in just few minutes. 

If I knew these steps earlier, I would not have spent 5 months waiting...

But you don't need to wait as long as I did to learn and use these steps and this hot Dummy Whatsapp Guide to...

Make More Money than you ever thought possible.

Everything You Need to Start Making steady Sales Selling Anything on Whatsapp and Making Between ₦100,000 - ₦700,000 Monthly Even if You have NO Experience.

And that's not even the Best Part:

You would gain lifetime access(If you pay today) to:

The Exponential Whatsapp Boomers group on Whatsapp. . .(exclusive for whatsapp Marketers)

Where you would get:

  • LifeTime support from Me and My Team on any subsequent problems you might face Marketing on Whatsapp.

  • Updates and classes on other skills you need to scale your Business Marketing on Whatsapp like lead generation, Lead Nurturing, Sales closing, Delivery and fulfillment, BackEnd.

  • Direct Access to me with my personal Number at anytime you have issues bothering you.

  • Support, Networking and Motivation from other Whatsapp Marketers that can Breed Endless Opportunities and Business Collaborations

And More...

As you can see, I've included everything you need to take your first step as a whatsapp Marketer that can make at least ₦100,000 in one month.

Even if you're ;

  • A content creator

  • A sales person

  • A mini-importer

  • An information Marketer

  • A Business coach

  • An affiliate Marketer

  • A Network Marketer

  • A copywriter

As long as you're on whatsapp to  sell a product to your dream buyers or sell your service to clients who would readily pay you...

But it all begins with a first step.

And the first step is signing up for the exciting program I've put together for you ...

The cost is 35,000 only 

And, if You take it and get through it, implement what you learn over a period of 30 days and you decide it's a waste of your time and money,

Just send me an email - or buzz me - 08109815635

And your money would be refunded to you hard feelings.

I think you'll agree, it all adds up to a pretty amazing value for a no-risk ₦35,000 investment...

For you to make at least ₦100,000 per month 

And upwards of ₦200,000, ₦500,000, even ₦700,000 per month selling on Whatsapp with less stress.

Now, If you sign up today...

You pay only ₦25,000.

Not ₦35,000.


This is risk-free.

If after going through the guide.

And implementing all the steps and strategies for 30 days...

You don't agree that the guide helped improve your sales on whatsapp and get clients...

Just let me know,

And I'll return your ₦25,000 guide fee.

And the sweetest part...

Even after the refund, You can still keep all the bonuses to yourself.

Think about it:

If you knew the way to make over ₦200,000 per month selling on just Whatsapp...

You probably wouldn't waste your time begging anyone to patronize you, would you?

Would you waste your time selling to clients who think  they are doing you a favour, would you?

That's ₦2.4 million in a year.

I have dozens of students, freelancers and small business owners that are making ₦50k, ₦100k in two weeks.

I'm not sure there is an easier way to make money than the stressless Whatsapp way

The time for TEd talk is over.

It's time for action:

Click the link below to get started now.

P.S: Oh, wait! there is more:

One more thing...

You will have a One-on-One 30 minutes strategy session with me(If you make your investment for the Dummy Whatsapp Guide Now.)

My One-on-One 30 minutes strategy session where I'll give you my masterplan to sales road-map 

worth: ₦20,000 in Value

So here is all YOU get, ....

Everything You Instantly Get When You Sign Up For The Dummy Whatsapp Guide Today:

  • Exponential Whatsapp Boom course (Over 11 Modules in PDFs, Audio and Video) 

  • Special Module:  The Whatsapp Marketer's Minimalist Graphics Design Program and SmartPhone Videography.(Classes, Videos and PDFs)

  • The Sales Closing BluePrint with a step-by-step Protocol for closing any high-Ticket Sale ranging from ₦50,000 upwards and using clients Objections to your Advantage

  • BONUS #1: Short Report on How I Made My First ₦200,000 pure profits selling on Whatsapp in 1 week.

  • BONUS #2: LifeTime Access to The Exponential Whatsapp Boomers group on Whatsapp. (Exclusive for Whatsapp Marketers)

  • BONUS #3: One-on-One 30 Minutes Strategy Session where you'll get MasterPlan to Sales road-map.

Regular Price: 35,000

Your One-Time Investment Today = ₦25,000

And don't forget;

If you're Not Satisfied after 30 Days of implementation,

Simply ask for your Money back,

And I'll quietly and swiftly refund your ₦25,000 investment in this Exponential Training Guide.

No Excuses

No Hard feelings.

And the sweetest Part,

You can still keep the Whole Guide to Yourself.

So You have no risk Because You have nothing to lose.

Solomon is marketing!! When it comes to sales and marketing, I take advice from very few Nigerians, Solomon is one. 

Whatever he tells you to do, do it. He knows his onions!

Emmanuel Akpe - Prince of Copywriting, Founder Of Bachelor Of Copywriting

Copyright 2020 - Chianu Solomon

All Rights Reserved