Hello Expert,

Welcome to the Unfair Advantage Experts Challenge.

The goal of this Challenge is RUTHLESS EXECUTION for the Year 2022. I'd be giving you all my support and energy. This would even seem like an active mentorship. I want you to become the best version of yourself and really make insane sums of money in your business

The Goal of this Challenge is to push you both physically and Mentally. To push you out of your comfort zone and to take control of your life. To help you make a lot of money and set a new record for your future self. Whether that be building a large list, doubling your sales, signing high ticket clients, making millions in sales. This is for all who sell transformation - experts, creators, coaches, digital skills providers, info-marketers, agencies, you name it - this challenge is for you!

Show me what you're made of and what you're capable to your own self! I want to offer you the chance to build mighty wealth with me and set you up for the new year. Including the chance to be under my mentorship for the Year 2022

I'd be giving away the following prizes to the top experts who complete all the tasks.

The winners would not be selected based on how much they make but how well they follow through the tasks in the challenge


3 Overall Winners

1st Place Award - $100 Cash prize + 1 Month Mentorship (worth $200) + ALL my Courses and Programs 

2nd Place Award - $60 Cash prize + 1 Month Mentorship + ALL Courses and Programs

3rd Place Award - $40 Cash Prize + 1 Month Mentorship

You will be completing the tasks and challenge on your own, but you'd have my total support and resources from me

Once you join, I'd give you the Updated Unfair Advantage Program. you'd get all my Messaging, Offer Creation, Closing and Sales Script and Advertising Templates for the Challenge. you'd also get my profits kit set and some of my other programs

And during the Challenge, you'd be getting:

  • Daily Video Marketing and Sales Guides
  • Tutorials, Templates and Materials
  • Monthly zoom calls and Weekly Q&A sessions

Rules and Regulations

1. Create a Plan

2. Follow the groups tasks

3. Show up for every Group session

4. Do the damn work

Start and End Dates

Sign up Period: Thursday, January 13 - 17

*Use the sign up period to get set (All you need is a phone and data connection) download the zoom app and you're ready to go for the start of the competition

Start date: Monday, January 17

End of Competition - Sunday, March 13

if you have any questions, feel free to contact me at

Go here to make your payment to Join the Challenge: Unfair Advantage Challenge