That’s exactly what i would have done if you had told me I’d learn sales and marketing.

You see,

I started Marketing April 2020 and one thing I have not told Anyone is how tough it was selling on WhatsApp.

The biggest problems were from those that would click your advert link to buy my stuff.

At the end of the day they’ll still do one of these three dreaded things:

  1. ignore my message.(leave me on blue tick)
  2. Say they’ll get back to me
  3. Or just say they don’t have the money

It was deadly frustrating.

I’d ask myself, WHY??

“Why did they nau click the link??”

“Why did they chat me up?”

“Why did they just lift my hopes and throw it inside dustbin”

One day I just decided that enough was enough. And I did something I never thought I would ever do till I die…

Now, I was spending a lot on advertisment and I was still struggling to make profits.

I was frustrated.

I knew I had to do something:

And I did Something I never thought I would do.

If you told me that I would end up doing this earlier, I would have slapped you.

I had to put my tail in between my legs and go and learn Sales & Marketing.

Now you might not know how I felt.

But I have been a science student all my life.

I ate and breathed science( And I’m still a science student)

Medicine and surgery student to be precise.

I had gotten Straight As in my WASSCE Examination so I knew I deserved the title to be called a brilliant science student.

I had gotten admission to study Medicine and surgery already, and I could not just picture myself studying Sales and Marketing.

If you told me you were studying Marketing when I was in secondary school, I’ll tell you that you’re wasting your time.

I’ll tell You that you should go do something else….That’s how serious it was

I started learning Marketing, sales closing and all those extra stuff I never knew I’d need in my career.

And I discovered how short-sighted I had been all along.

I had ignored the most powerful skill that could fetch me as much profits as I wanted.
I was grateful to myself for being flexible. The changes were drastic;

My profits started skyrocketing and I could control how a sales conversation would end with a prospect.

I would close 6 sales out of ten prospects that chatted me up in 2 days.
It was just crazy😂😂. It was like I had this super power I had just discovered.

No more I’ll get back to you.

Let me talk to my partner about it.

Let me think about it.

Let me check my budget.

And all those extra stuffs that buyers like saying… And you’d know they are clearly lying.

I could handle them now🔥

All because of a simple decision I made.

My point is,

Sales closing is by far the best skill I have ever acquired because It was only through it I was able to sell the other products and services I had

Because of one simple decision.

If you’re currenty trying to make a decsion,

Whether to make that investment,


To buy that course,

There’ll be days when you ‘ll have doubts,

Is it worth it?

Will it pay off?

What the hell am I doing with my life?

You’ll feel that way.

And only you can decide for what’s best for you

If you feel like taking the risk or giving it a try,


The only thing I’d like to add is:

Whatever you decide, it helps to look at the big picture

5, 10, 20 years from now, will I look back and be happy with this decision?

Is this decision (even though it’s the hard path) going to lead me closer to making my dreams a reality?

Should I even get this or just keep doing what I’m doing? at least I’m comfortable the way I am.

You should weigh the implications of your decision

Then listen to your guts and act accordingly.

Stay jiggy,


PS: I have packaged all the knowledge and experience I have gathered in the past 5 months on Handling Sales Objections from buyers.

Objection like “I’ll get back to you”

“I’ll think about it”

“How can I trust you”

I have also packaged my marketing knowledge and experiences on “How to handle buyers resistance”

You Can Get It Here

or don’t

It’s your business.