So let’s continue from where we stopped.

So if you read the previous blog post, yesterday you’d see that I talked about

Having an eye for identifying pain-points

Now I got a lot of replies from people

They were saying:

What if my product/service does not have a pain-point?

What if its a luxury product?

I don’t need the pain-point stuff all the time, or do I?

And some other questions

So today I’m going to be giving you guys some techniques to discover your prospects pain-point

Because that’s the only time you’ll close the sale


You can try to be a manipulative marketer which would surely backfire on you or your reputation.

Let’s go:

In any conversation with a prospect,

If you got my Free report and read it well (I know you might have just stacked it in your PDF library…coconut head)

You’d discover that you should be the one asking all the questions in a Sales conversations with the prospect.


Not just any questions

There are carefully selected questions you must ask if you’re to hit home and crawl your way into their pain-points like a lizard into a wall crack.

Buyers LOVE a Salesperson who listens and wants to connect and know
their pains.

And there are levels to these pains:

Level 1: Surface pain(intellectual problem identified)

Level 2: Business- financial pain($)

Level 3: personal pain.

The sales conversation should NOT be a pleasant experience for your
Prospects because you want to be constantly reminding them of their

So here are some pain discovery questions:

1.) Tell me more about that…

2.) Can you be more specific? Give me an example.

3.) How long has that been a problem?

4.) What have you tried to do about that? And did that work?

5.) How much do you think that has cost you?

6.) How do you feel about that?

7.) Have you given up trying to deal with the problem.?

8.) EXACTLY what kind of results are you looking for?

9.) What SPECIFICALLY have you done in the past to try to generate moresales?

10.) PRECISELY what were you hoping to get from me today?

NOTE: Note the words in the capital. They are very important.

Use these questions verbatim.

Don’t twist or try to mix them

or they’ll lose their magic

I’ve made money with them.

I know folks who have made money with them.

And I’ve helped many make a bundle with them.

Here you don’t even need to do all the begging and pleading and persuasion blah blah.

All you have to do is ask

And pocket as much as every money per sale…

You’ll literally become a god at spotting pain-points

Stay jiggy