If you’re one of those entrepreneurs that depend on hope and luck… pure hustle… or just a single source of leads to turn into customers.

You’re are not smart

The same foolish mistake millions of entrepreneurs are making

The truth is, the major reason someone cannot scale their business to the next level is…

Marketing and Sales…

And even more than that…

Most entrepreneurs are so dumb about this business thing

No matter what your soothsayer or pastor or whoever you consult told you about luck…

The truth is…

If you are actually serious about making long-term profit from whatever business it is you’re doing, then it’s time to be smart about this business thing

Because when you are, your entire business changes

Well, if you’re looking to cash out big and detty your December with the little money you’ve got in your business…

Then I advice you just close this mail because I’m going to hurt you bad with my words

If you’re going to ditch my mails after seeing this,

Feel free muchacho

Because If you don’t start thinking smart and planning long-term for your business,

You’re just a dreamer with a serious case of wishful thinking

Yeah, you can go ahead and purchase that bone-straight wig or the latest iphone when your business is struggling to even make 7 figures in 30 good days.

Go spend your money on that girl because you want to prove what?…that you’re richer than her ex?…or you can take care of her more than her dad?

Most people will be out of jobs by 2021 (Many already are)

In a few weeks/ months time,

Millions won’t be able to pay their rents

Some probably won’t be able to feed or pay their bills

Talk less of taking care of their loved ones

Some people would never be able to live comfortably ever again

Hope or luck won’t save your business


If you’re not yet ready to take this business thing seriously and be smart about it

Especially when you have opportunities to turn your business, life and family around

Then be prepared to find something else doing