I tell you with all sincerity

Marketing is just like sex

You can’t delegate it to anyone to do for you

You can’t blame your poor performance on your prospects

And you have to give it your best every single time

You have to be actively involved in the Marketing of your business or you’d soon be filing a case for bankruptcy

Proper Marketing combined with sales is then the lifeblood of your business

Any business at all

So no matter what you do…

Whether you’re :

A network Marketer
An information Marketer
A Freelancer
A business owner
A Graphics designer
A coach or teacher
A course creator

Whatever friggin’ thing you do…

So far as it involves direct contact with human beings like you..

You’ve got to master the art of Marketing

And learn to treat it like sex

Because it’s only then that you’ll be able to scale your business or whatever you’re doing and make crazy profits

das all I want to tell you

Stay jiggy,