Do you want to stand out?

Do you want your business to be part of the top tier

Then you’ve got to hear my secret

There’s nothing superficial about this secret I’m about to share with you

But if you pay attention to what I’ll tell you in this mail…

It would make a huge difference between where your business is right now and where you want it to be.

So let’s get to it right away…

I started online marketing 9 months ago

At first, I felt that I was entering into this dense and saturated world of Marketing

So much contents out there to consume

Too many people saying the same things

So much opinions and people to listen to

I’d be honest with you

It was very overwhelming for me

I just knew I had to stand out

My Marketing message had to stand out


I was clueless about how to go about it

I just wanted to go with the tide…do the same thing everyone was doing and yunno, make some cash

I know many marketers are still at this stage

Many small businesses that are new into the world of online Marketing try to do what everyone is doing

Every business wants to build the best funnel

Have the sweetest offers

Grow the largest audience

Make the biggest sales

And you might be in that stage right now

You don’t have a clue about how to make your business stand out amongst your competitors

You don’t know how to make your messaging strong

You have no inkling on how to go against the tide, do things your own way and feel comfortable with it

And that’s why I’m writing this mail to you today

To tell you my secret

I was able to push past all these and stand out with my message within 9 months in this online space

I did not have the best connections

I did not use magic or voodoo

I just did something that 99% marketers fail to do

And the 1% that are doing it are standing out like green grass in a desert

What I’m about to reveal might sound very commonplace to you

You would think you have heard it over and over and over again


It’s the most misconceived word ever said,

it’s VALUE

I started out struggling to make the most sales

Convince people to buy from me

Use the best marketing tactic

Reach the most people

But I neglected the one core thing which was true value

And many businesses do.

Now don’t get me wrong here…

A lot of people, gurus and A-list marketers out there claim to be giving out value

In fact, everyone claims to give the best value

But the motive behind this so-called value is to make profit at the end of the day

I was also like that

Now let me be clear here,

I am not against making profit with your business…every business should

But I want you to stand out

Let there be something that differentiates you from every other person out there that claims to be giving out value

When most people give out value…

All they think about…all that’s at the back of their minds is…

What would I gain from this prospect that I’m giving value to?

And in a huge way, that affects the quality of the value they give out

They don’t want to give out everything because they feel they won’t make profit

And that makes the whole value adulterated

Most of the so-called value we see online are adulterated

So much adulterated value flying around

Once I noticed this,

I knew what I had to do

I wanted to stand out so I had to give the purest form of value

Value without the motive of making profit at the end of the day

Value without asking myself “What Is In It For Me”

And once I started doing that…everything changed!

Everything in my business started blooming

My Sales skyrocketed within 2 months

I made profits in 6 figures within few weeks

That was when it hit me

I realized that Pure value created the intimacy that my business needed

I connected deeply with my target audience and they trusted me more to exchange their money for everything I had to offer

That was it!

That was my secret

And I started getting texts from other people asking me…

How are you doing it?

I simply became intentional about giving value to those I could help most

Enough of me here…

How does this apply to you?

If you really want your business to grow and make the maddest profits

Your Marketing message must be specific

You must know those you came to the market to serve

You must be able to identify with them

And most importantly…

you must give them the purest form of value you can give

without the hidden motives of gaining from them at the end of the day

The truth is:

It would be very hard…trust me

But if you really want to get great results like me..

You’ve got to do it

You might not know it and they would never tell you

Your target audience can see past the adulterated value and they know your hidden motives

But when you give out pure value with the intent of helping them and making their lives easier

They would equally notice that too and your business would begin to build intimacy with them

And intimacy is what causes money to change hands