“Oxide I am tired”

that’s what they tell me

Entrepreneurship is very difficult and exhausting

and I won’t even advice anyone to consider being an entrepreneur

But for the brave ones like you, that have decided to enter this whirlpool…

I have developed this passion to help them

Because entrepreneurship is not only physically exhausting, it’s emotionally exhausting too

And entrepreneurs always have a whole lot going on in their heads…

Everyday I get in touch with a lot of entrepreneurs

I really love discussing with like minds who are on the same path as I am

And during these discussions I get into…

One thing they always tell me is…I’m tired

I just feel like quitting this stuff called entrepreneurship

{!firstname_fix} I have also felt that way

If you feel that way…I’m telling you today that it’s normal

But you’ve got to keep pushing

I’ve got a secret that I use anytime I want to keep myself going

And I’ll reveal it to you today:

Instead of trying to talk myself into taking action like most entrepreneurs do

Instead of looking for motivation in pictures and speeches…

What I do is I change my mood

Yeah it’s very powerful and I feel you should try it out soon as you get the chance

Just put on a cool music and listen to it

Just think about things in your present life that you can be grateful for

Watch a nice movie you love so much that makes you laugh

Take a walk with your loved ones…your siblings or your partner

What you’re just looking to do is change your mood…feel good

Once that happens…

You’d get that energy to get going and keep moving

Stay jiggy


P.S: If you feel depressed and you need to talk to someone

Please don’t hesitate to

and don’t be shy

I have a very close friend I talk to when I feel in any way down too

Her name is Genelle