Have you watched the movie “John Wick 2”

Well, if you haven’t I think you should,

Sha to my subject line…I would kill her

That was what John Wick told the bad guy in the movie (I don’t know his name oh)

All I know was that John Wick owed him a mission…

And the bad guy wanted him to pay back by killing his sister (the bad guy’s elder sister)…so that he could become the head of their council.

John did not want to kill again because he wanted to just lead a normal life…but because he owed the guy a debt and the guy burnt down his home…he decided to do it

what am I driving at??

Well…first of all I wanted to show you the power of story-telling while selling

I bet your attention was glued to this blog post

That’s one of the most powerful ways to grapple at your prospects neck while pitching your offer

And I have told you about being relevant even in your sales pitch

voila!!…stories is one of the best ways to do that

Not stories like “I was blind now I can see”

That’s trash and it would only piss your target audience.

When telling stories to incite the imaginations of your prospect and make them take your offer…

Your story should go through 3 phases and at each phase it must be:

Intellectually Interesting and
Emotionally compelling

I’ll be diving into the 3 phases this week starting from the next blog post