In my last blog post,

I told you how step #1 in the Offer hacking is:

Being very detailed about your target customer

Now, Once you’ve gotten all that information about them,

The next step is to answer question 2

What core problem is my Offer is solving for my target audience?

Now this is where a lot of entrepreneurs miss it.

Anytime I work with a client on their offers,

I ask them what core problem their offer is solving

Even though I do my research well to know the core problem, I ask them just out of curiosity to know what they would say

And most times when I ask that question, they’d begin to list out how amazing their product is and why it’s the best out there

They’d spend the whole time listing out the features and logical benefits of their products

And that’s where you’ll lose it if you’re not careful

Many Marketers are making the same mistakes, but you’d do better after reading this email

People do not buy things based on logic (features and logical benefits)

They buy based on emotions, then try to justify their purchase logically

If you take only the logic and use it as your sales tool and in crafting your offers, you will struggle to make any sale.

Whenever you want to answer the question of the core problem…

Ask yourself these:

What keeps my target customer up by 2 AM?

How can my product/service solve this problem?

Answer these right and you’ve got yourself a core problem

It doesn’t matter how many problems your offer can solve

If your target customer does not see how it can solve their core problem, they’d ignore your offer

And you don’t want that, do you?

After you’ve gotten this step right and you’ve answered this question correctly

The next thing is to start preparing your offer.

Tomorrow, I’ll show you how to think differently about offers,

This way, your offer is almost guaranteed to succeed because…

It’s unlike what your target customer is used to seeing from…

other marketers who are simply copying each other’s offers

and promising almost the same thing

When you follow the simple approach I’ll lay out in my next email…

You’ll know exactly what to say,

And how to say it…

To make your target customer eager and excited to work with you.

Stay Jiggy

The Marketing Oxygen

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