That’s how much this sales process has earned me in 5 months

Exactly 2 million naira in profits as at today

This is a continuation of the “How to Sell Series

The next step is:

Highlight the gap:

It’s time to highlight the gap between where your prospects are and where they want to be.

In copywriting, it’s called future pacing

But in a Sales conversation, its done entirely differently

What makes it different — and this is important — is that you allow them to describe this gap, don’t do it for them.

Although you’re tempted to tell them what their solution is, instead ask them what they think needs to change:

What do you think needs to happen to change all this?

What do you want to do to make this work and why have you not done it yet?

Allow them to highlight their own gap, because this way they create their own solution — meaning all you have to do is tailor your offer around their needs.

Finally repeat all this back to them once again. Ask them if they agree. If you’ve heard them right.

Once you’ve done this,

It’s then time to ask for the close

The most perfect close.

But first you have to get them to commit

And I’ll be showing you exactly how to do that in another post

Stay Jiggy,