How To Increase Sales With Offer Hacking (Part 1)

If you sell anything or your business is suffering low sales, it’s not your fault Maybe you haven’t really understood how offers work It’s the single most important part of your Business The fate of your business hinges on how great your offer is That’s why I’ll always say You are one OFFER away from […]

She Almost Cried

Last month something very surprising happened I organized a program on Whatsapp for entrepreneurs who were starting out like me. I felt that I needed to guide them with my very own experiences and help them avoid the mistakes I made. I put it out on my status I only put it out for 3 […]

It’s 2 Million Already!

That’s how much this sales process has earned me in 5 months Exactly 2 million naira in profits as at today This is a continuation of the “How to Sell Series“ The next step is: Highlight the gap: It’s time to highlight the gap between where your prospects are and where they want to be. […]