Last month something very surprising happened

I organized a program on Whatsapp for entrepreneurs who were starting out like me.

I felt that I needed to guide them with my very own experiences and help them avoid the mistakes I made.

I put it out on my status

I only put it out for 3 days because I did not want to get much people signing up for the program.

I was determined to pour my heart and soul into this program

So I did not want so much people on my hands to manage

I wanted max 5 and I’m good to go

These 5 would never remain the same after the 1-month program

Because I was going to open up all my methodologies in those 30 ruthless days.

The secret methods I use for my:




Operations and delivery



It was going to be a very ruthless and straight-to-the-point program

No BS at all

Before you bite my head..

I know that’s not why you’re reading

See your big eyes

Searching for the full gist

So here’s what happened:

One of the ladies on my contact list chatted me up that she was interested in the program

But the cost was scaring her

To enroll for the program, she had to pay me N25,000

She was very sceptical though her business clearly needed help

After discussing with her I knew that she really needed my program


Her eyes were so much on the price rather than the value she was going to get

And I don’t like persuading anybody to pay for any of my programs

If you don’t feel it’s worth your money, you can keep your money in your pocket

Well, she kept her money in her pocket

Two weeks into the program, one of the students that had gotten into the program launched a course and sold out in 1 week.

Her name was Chidera

She brought her testimony to me and she was so so excited

Then I posted the testimonial on my status.

The first lady, you remember her?

The one that was sceptic entered my DM and she almost cried.

She told me that I did not give her enough reasons to join

She was expecting me to shower benefits upon benefits on her head the way those big politicians spray money on those singing praises for them when they go to parties

I had already told her about my program

And clearly how it was going to help her

It was up to her to make her decision

She missed the program and I charged her N30,000 for the replay, which she paid

Now the point I’m making here is:

I don’t want you to have the same excuse the sceptic lady had

Yesterday and the day before that,

I told you about my SALES BOOMERS Sales and Marketing workshop

Told you all that we’d be treating and what we’d be learning

I want to know how you feel about it

If anything is stopping you from joining

Maybe a question or something you want to clarify before you make payment

Reply this email with the question

I’ll answer it as soon as I see it

I don’ want you to miss out of this workshop

Stay jiggy


P.S: My Sales objections Guide is still up for grabs

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