If you sell anything or your business is suffering low sales, it’s not your fault

Maybe you haven’t really understood how offers work

It’s the single most important part of your Business

The fate of your business hinges on how great your offer is

That’s why I’ll always say You are one OFFER away from smashing that goal in your business

Few people understand this offer thingy,

I’d call myself the King of Offer Hacking because I’ve generated results for myself and my clients

I’ve crafted offers that did 6-7 figures for me and my clients

And as someone who has hacked it,

I’ll be revealing to you my EXACT process

Last week Monday, I created an offer for Ugochukwu, a close friend of mine who lives here at Enugu

He wanted to hold a training on WhatsApp to teach people how to get prospects to buy their classes, courses and programs

And trust me,

Ugochukwu is very good at his stuff, he delivers real value

But he needed to make an offer to these people he wanted to help because…

If whatever you sell is good and proven to help people,

It’s your duty to make sure that those who would benefit from it – your ideal prospects must see the value in exchanging their money for what you sell

It would help them, so you must do all that is within your power to make sure that you help them

Well, back to my narration…

Ugochukwu reached out to me and I helped him craft an offer for his WhatsApp training that started yesterday

He marketed it fervently for 3 days and the offer generated him 60k pure profits in 3 Days

He made 10k pure profits on each conversion with the offer

That was the result we got for an offer that didn’t take me 2 hours to create

Today let’s look at the first step I followed to craft that offer

First of all, you need to note one important thing

Your offer is incomplete without an avatar (ideal customer)

The first question you ask yourself when you plan to sell anything is

1. Who is this offer meant for?

This powerful question would determine if you end up selling millions or having another failed campaign

Sit down first with a sheet of paper and a pen/pencil and answer the questions I’ll list below,


What is your Ideal customer’s name?
Marital status?
what does your ideal customer do for a living?
How much does your ideal customer earn monthly?
For your product, What level is your ideal customer at? (beginner/Intermediate/Expert)
What platform does your ideal customer spend more time on?
WhatsApp /Facebook /Instagram /Twitter /YouTube (any other, specify)
How does your ideal customer prefer learning? By reading text /watching videos /listening to audio /community support
How much is my customer willing to pay for my type of product?

Now, your aim with these questions is to create a detailed description of your ideal customer.

Try to answer the questions as clear as possible.

If you are struggling with coming up with ideas,

you can ask people who you believe are in your target audience.

You can use survey monkey or Google form to get people to answer these questions.

In our next mail Tomorrow, I would show you how to use the answers to these questions to craft an offer that would sell millions too.

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