This is the first in our lenghty 2-part email series where I’ll share sales techniques that you can use to make a lot of moey
closing sales..

You’ll do yourself a lot of good by reading all 2 of them.

See, selling is a simple, sraightforward thing…

It does not require all the twists and bends and brouhaha that’s everywhere…

Just understand the Basics and get on with it

Once the basics start bringing in results..

YOU can then scale by adopting new tactics and strategies…

My Four steps Sales Strategy has brought me 1.3million Naira pure profits in just 3 months

Here’s the first way to start selling effectively

1.) Have an eye for identifying pain-points

Now many misunderstand this…

The mistake a lot of marketing newbies make is:

They rush in to close a prospect without first understanding their pain points.

You must have the uncanny ability to see pain out of the smiles of your prospects

Once you’re able to identify their pain points, you have just completed step 1 of your close.

Now Identifying the pain point is not just enough…

You need to play the next card by getting them to talk about these pains passionately.

Hope you’re paying attention?

This is part 1 of 2

I’ll be uploading part 2 tomorrow

I don’t plan to leave you stranded or give you partial gist…

I’m about leaving for home for an appointment, hence the splitting into 2 parts.

Part 2 would contain the details of how to identify the pain-points effectively and get them to talk about it passionately…

And in the mean time.

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