Increase Sales in your Business with Offer Hacking (Part 2)

In my last blog post, I told you how step #1 in the Offer hacking is: Being very detailed about your target customer Now, Once you’ve gotten all that information about them, The next step is to answer question 2 What core problem is my Offer is solving for my target audience? Now this is […]

How To Increase Sales With Offer Hacking (Part 1)

If you sell anything or your business is suffering low sales, it’s not your fault Maybe you haven’t really understood how offers work It’s the single most important part of your Business The fate of your business hinges on how great your offer is That’s why I’ll always say You are one OFFER away from […]

I Would Kill Her

Have you watched the movie “John Wick 2” Well, if you haven’t I think you should, Sha to my subject line…I would kill her That was what John Wick told the bad guy in the movie (I don’t know his name oh) All I know was that John Wick owed him a mission… And the […]