She Almost Cried

Last month something very surprising happened I organized a program on Whatsapp for entrepreneurs who were starting out like me. I felt that I needed to guide them with my very own experiences and help them avoid the mistakes I made. I put it out on my status I only put it out for 3 […]

I am Confused, Help Me!

It’s very simple:  So so simple for you and I don’t think it can ever get simpler:  Solomon, I am confused. I need your help. That’s all You won’t die Let me tell you something: When I started online Marketing, I had this strong-head and it always cost me a lot I made a lot […]

You Are Not Smart

If you’re one of those entrepreneurs that depend on hope and luck… pure hustle… or just a single source of leads to turn into customers. You’re are not smart The same foolish mistake millions of entrepreneurs are making The truth is, the major reason someone cannot scale their business to the next level is… Marketing […]